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Kitchen Granite Backsplash Photos - When you go into the kitchen it is not kitchen gear or the appliances that normally gets the initial focus. The kitchen backsplash is the erect part constructed against the wall at the back of stove and the sink. It's created to guard the wall from effects of water dashes and heat.

A beautifully designed backsplash will give an otherwise dreary room life, while a badly designed backsplash can make a totally designed kitchen look bad. Thus it is important to carefully plan the kitchen backsplash design to supply the kitchen a terrific look. The tile design that is most frequently used is the checkerboard design. It's simple as you only have to choose two colours which you alternately place in straight lines to create.

In creating this, you do not need much artistic talents or abilities but you can nevertheless come out with an attractive backsplash. Probably the most 'hard' part of using this kitchen backsplash tile design is deciding on both shades but you can always consult with the color wheel. If your kitchen is painted with one colour just the kitchen backsplash tile design which you can use is the colour contrast style.

It will give a very good contrast to your own walls. The opposite is also great. For those who have an elegant dark coloured kitchen you can use cream or white as a backsplash. Many people use tiles that are patterned and painted. There are tiles with layouts to make a Tuscan feel. Additionally, there are designs giving a French villa look.

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